Talking Back

A zine celebrates feminist countercultures & rebels against heteronormative culture through typography.

This project stemmed from my interest of contemporary social movements and gender studies. Throughout my studies I’ve found frustration in trying to make a connection between sociology and design, wondering what the heck to do with this knowledge that makes everything seem so the-world-is-shitty-and-hopeless-and-so-we-are-all-fucked.

This zine features two typographic projects that embody feminist inspired by feminist-punk-movements.

The Feminist Letters is used in protests, both physical and social media base, directed American Congress’ representatives. The typeface has been widely accepted by feminist publications and organizations across America through engagement on social platforms.

The Pussy Galore typeface was originally commissioned for FUSE 12: Propaganda, and was later acquired by the Paris Collection of the National Art Museum. Creators of this typeface, Teal Trigs, Siân Cook and Liz McQuiston stated “this was an opportunity to raise awareness about women working in the profession whilst also critically engaging through an experimental typeface with the language used by, for, and against women.”

Other projects: