Revelstoke Avalanche Safety

An avalanche safety campaign developed for Revelstoke Search & Rescue.

We approached this project by creating four deliverables: A poster, a magazine ad, a chair lift ad and online ads, which includes social media. 

The main poster would be displayed around Revelstoke since it is notorious for attracting people to the Revelstoke Mountain Resort, which is known to offer a great mountain sports experience. 

The magazine advertisement would be featured in the Revelstoke Mountaineer, a local publication that features reports on the town’s happenings. This allowed us to include some more text and therefore make the ad more informative since those who are flipping through a magazine tend to spend more time reading it. 

We decided for the chairlift ad to be simple and straight to the point since this is the last part of the journey to participate in mountain sports before a person reaches the mountain. The ad features a more controlled layout of the essential equipment needed for survival in case a person is caught in an avalanche. This, paired with the question “Are you prepared in case of an avalanche?” prompts the user to be reminded of the equipment they should be carrying. The social media presence of our campaign serves the purpose of being a constant reminder to always carry the essential equipment needed. When people go to the mountains, they often use social media, such as Facebook or Instagram to document their experience. While scrolling through their feeds they can be reminded of the importance to carry the avalanche safety equipment and therefore recall it the next time they are heading out to the slopes. 

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