what she stands for

Cassidy leads with her heart and is confident in her continuous curiosity. She loves to see things from different perspectives and is content in knowing she has a lot to learn about the world around her.

Cassidy views visual communication design as a medium to explore social justice and gender studies to effect positive change in her community. Her interdisciplinary studies often include works that examine themes of equity, storytelling and inclusivity.

her credentials

Cassidy has a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communications with a focus in the Social Sciences from the University of Alberta.

She has a love for typography and analyzing letterforms. Her heart lies in intermedia, combining the digital and hand-made. She'll jump on any opportunity to create a collage and play with scanners.

get to know her

Outside of design, she's still looking to create. She's a big fan of making a mess and exploring different mediums. She has a long list of hobbies she wants to try.

She loves Edmonton, sitting on patios and having picnics are a favourite past-time. You'll usually find her working in different cafes across the city, enjoying a nice matcha latte and coffee shop tunes.

Cassidy is a bit obsessed with her tropical plants and probably has a few too many. She's been experimenting with gardening, and spends most of the summer outdoors with her pets.