The She Book

A book re-design project of Tanya Markul's poetry and prose.

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Sojourner Truth’s “On Woman’s Rights”

A collection of fifteen typographic transformations of Sojourner Truth's "On Woman's Rights" speech.

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The Sound Studies Institute

This visual identity aims to pay tribute to the spectrum of faculties The Sound Studies Institute collaborates with. The explorative nature of sound studies lead to an examination of contemporary musical notions and the overall conceptualization of a sound landscape. The notion of a sound landscape speaks not only to the fluid-nature of sound itself, but also highlights the Institute’s focus on topics and issues occurring within our current epoch, the Anthropocene. This visual identity is both experimental and sophisticated, allowing for a flexible system that can be fitted to a variety of applications whether they be formal or less so.

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A self-directed research design project that seeks to encourage the planting of native-Albertan wildflowers in gardening practices to achieve small-scale reconciliations to improve our relationship with our local environment through.

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Ladies Learning Code Conference

A microsite for The Edmonton Chapter of Canada Learning Code for their Ladies Learning Code one-day conference. The site needed to be attractive to two audiences: speakers and coaches. The client aimed to attract speakers with minimal speaking experience as well as individuals who could provide coaching to these speakers.

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The Gallery District & 124th Street Wayfinding

The Gallery District is a small section of the 124th Street Area, a defined business revitalization zone in Edmonton’s core that is anchored by the nominal arterial road that runs from north to south on the west side of Jasper Avenue. This street is home to local businesses, artisans, cafes & various art galleries and is currently undergoing revitalization.

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Talking Back

A zine celebrates feminist countercultures & rebels against heteronormative culture through typography.

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Typographic Shifts

An exploration of physical and digital animation methods.

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Revelstoke Avalanche Safety

An avalanche safety campaign developed for Revelstoke Search & Rescue.

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Into the Dinosphere

This project was interactive and playful even in its process. I created a diorama with a hand-painted landscape, placed dinosaur toys within it and then photographed a young cousin stepping into and interacting with the set. The underlying pathos method of appeal convinces parents that they and their child are a part of something big in terms of educating their children in a playful, and interactive way.

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